Overview of Mersin districts: buy an apartment and not regret it

Mersin is a Turkish province on the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and a large city of the same name with a million population. The region attracts tourists and investors with its beautiful nature, rich history and developed infrastructure.   

In this article we will look at the main areas of the region, popular among tourists and foreign buyers, and their features.


A small town an hour's drive from Mersin, which today is actively developing and being built up.

Suitable for those who are looking for a balance between resort life and the benefits of civilization, and are used to having everything at hand.

Among the advantages can be noted:

  • Walking distance to all city infrastructure;
  • The area is gasified;
  • There is a choice between multi-storey residential complexes with a swimming pool and their own enclosed area, and low-rise boutique houses with a low aidat or without it at all.

However, you need to understand that, as in any city, the summer heat and heat are felt more strongly here than in the suburbs. There are beaches in Erdemli, but you will have to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas. And this is not a city of parties. Therefore, for nightlife, cultural events or shopping, it is better to go to Mersin.


A small, very green and rapidly developing suburban area with no dense buildings. Suitable for lovers of peace, tranquility and evening promenades to the sound of the surf.
The area is conveniently located a 5-minute drive to the center of Erdemli, and a 30-minute drive to the center of Mersin.  

On the first and second lines there are residential complexes built 10-20 years ago, which locals use as their summer residences. Residents from large cities - Adana, Istanbul, Ankara - come here to relax. 

New modern complexes with all amenities are being built a little further, at a distance of 300-800 meters from the seashore. 


  • A wide promenade with bicycle paths, 15 km long, begins here;
  • The beaches are sandy, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Entry to them is absolutely free.
  • All chain supermarkets and private shops are nearby;
  • In the future, it will be gasified in 1-2 years.

There are currently no ATMs in the area. For cafes, restaurants and the bustle of the city, you need to go to Erdemli or Mersin.


Next to Arpachbakhshish area towards Mersin. Just as calm, quiet and relaxed with all the pros and cons, but larger in area and population density.

There are both sandy and pebble beaches, entry to which is absolutely free.

The area is considered a resort. Here is the VM Resort hotel, whose rooms offer sea views, and guests have access to a spa area, swimming pool, restaurant and bar on site.

It was also chosen as the location where the grandiose Mersin Tomuk Resort project is planned to be implemented, which will combine Mersin’s first hotel with a resort concept, residential residences and villas.


A small area located between Tomyuk and Cheshmeli surrounded by agricultural gardens: peach, orange, lemon. Avocados are grown here and there are watermelon plantations.

Sparsely developed and not densely populated. The houses are mainly private sector and low-rise buildings.

The beach is clean, sandy and very wide, but not equipped.  

Karnıpınırı is home to the well-known Turkish department store Çetınkaya, where you can buy clothes or home textiles. True, it is not as large as in the neighboring province of Adana.

And on the border of Kargypinara and the neighboring Cheshmeli district, a large fitness center, King of Gym, recently opened.


Another quiet area in the suburbs of Mersin. It is famous for its club-type residential complexes Liparis and the Eiffel restaurant with a year-round veranda and live music. The place is loved by both foreigners and the local population. That's why it's always fun and noisy here.

The advantages include:

  • Spaciousness and lack of dense buildings;
  • Closest to Mersin;
  • The beaches are sandy and equipped.

But there is a drawback due to which the area may not be suitable for everyone.

Cheshmeli is remote from the main road and public transport stop, so getting there without a personal car will be difficult, especially in the heat in the summer.  


Mezitli microdistrict in Mersin. Popular among the Russian-speaking population.

It has a developed infrastructure, convenient transport links and has its own beach, but in some places there may be large stones at the entrance to the sea.

The area is located quite close to the center of Mersin (can be reached by public transport in 10-15 minutes, or walk 30 minutes).

The disadvantages include dense buildings and the lack of an embankment.


The most remote of the areas. Located 10-15 minutes drive from Erdemli towards Silifke.

It is considered prestigious, which is why real estate prices are higher here.

Almost every house offers magnificent views of the sea, mountains and traces of ancient civilizations.

In the summer, Ayash is bustling with life, with music playing from cafes and restaurants in coastal hotels. And in winter there comes peace and quiet.

But, as in the case of Cheshmeli, getting and moving around without personal transport is problematic.

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